How to Choose the Best Decorative Pillows for Your Space

January 04, 2018

How to Choose the Best Decorative Pillows for Your Space

Decorative pillows might seem like the easiest way to brighten up a room and add a touch of whimsy, but only if you choose the correct pillows. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as just heading to the store and choosing a pillow that “looks good.” There’s actually a lot to consider.

The right throw pillows can completely change the look and feel of your space. The question is how do you dig through hundreds of different pillow designs, colors, and sizes to find the right option for you?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you choose your decorative pillows. 

Choose a Cohesive Color Palette

Whatever the color of your room, stick with it. Don’t decide to all of a sudden add a green pillow when your color pallet has been in beige and blues. Yes, you can choose prints and patterns that are bold and draw the eye, just be sure that it includes a neutral color or your original color pallet, so it still fits with your room.

For example, our Snowy Jeweled Owl decorative pillow is the perfect neutral way to add a print without messing up the cohesion of your room.

decorative owl pillow

Determine the Correct Shape and Size

Depending on your room, you’ll want to choose the right shape and size of your pillow.

For example, if your décor is modern, you’ll want square pillows between 18 to 24 inches. You could also add an oblong for a little extra interest.

For a traditional setup, you’ll want square pillows from 20 to 20 inches across and you’ll want to layer those with smaller squares or circular pillows. On the other hand, if your style is eclectic, then go ahead and mix a range of shapes and sizes for a diverse collection.

For example, a modern living room would look great mixing our oblong Pintuck Detail Decorative Pillow with our Flower Printed Square Decorative Pillow. With this mix, you only have one print pillow and the solid picks up the same color pallet.


Contrast Your Textures 

You never want to choose decorative pillows that all sing the same note. 

That’s boring.

Instead, consider contrasting your pillows in text with each other and your furniture. For example, if you have a leather sofa, a soft velvet pillow or clean linen throw pillow would look amazing. You can even play around with details such as quilting, embroidery, or fringe for an interesting play of textures. 

Our Dublin Cable Knit Square Euro Sham is the perfect contrast to a leather or cloth seating arrangement and it would beautifully compliment our Arrows Decorative Pillow

decorative pillow

Stay Simple

There’s no reason to try and do too much with your decorative pillows. You don’t want three busy print pillows or five different fabrics. Instead, stick with this basic formula: one simple print, one busy print, and one solid. This is a great way to narrow down your options and to keep your room from being overwhelmed. It’s also important to choose the busy/large print pillow as your largest pillow, or the one you want front and center. This pillow will set the tone of your room and you can work around it with the rest of your choices. 

For example, if you choose our Katarina Floral Damask Embroidered Decorative Pillow as your centerpiece, then you’ll want every other pillow to compliment it and not vice versa.


Don’t Go Overboard on Trim 

Finally, you’ll want to be careful when it comes to trim. Trim can add too much interest and draw your eye away from an arrangement until all you can see is the tassel fringe. Truthfully, nowadays, trim should be used in moderation and only if your room calls for it. More often than not you’ll find trim in a traditional room setup. Or trim is popular in a young girl’s room.

For example, you’ll find unique trim on our Amanda Ruched Eyelet Kids Decorative Pillow but not on any of our adult pillows. 

In the end, when it comes to adding throw pillows to your room, we recommend going with your gut. If you like how it looks, then go for it. Decorative pillows are like jewelry. Each person has their own unique taste and will picture something different for the same room. Don’t be afraid to have fun and choose pillows that match your personality and tastes.

Just because you had to go with a boring couch, doesn’t mean you have to make the same mistake with your pillows!