Home Décor Must-Haves from VCNY

December 12, 2017

Home Décor Must-Haves from VCNY

Transforming your home into a restful haven begins with your personal vision of serenity and ends with adding the right home décor items to bring the look to life.

At VCNY, we’ve made it easy to transform your bedroom or bathroom into a stylish retreat, complete with luxury textiles and soft finishes. Home décor online shopping has never been such a breeze!

But achieving a designer-look in your home requires a few more additions, and we’re here to help.

Decorative pillows, throws, and area rugs can make a house a home. Our home décor catalog offers a variety of stylish and practical pieces that blend well with a variety of looks. Here’s how to use some key home décor pieces to make a statement in your space.

Home Décor Must-Have #1: Area Rugs

We love home textiles, and an area rug is the perfect place to incorporate the colors and textures that make up the theme of your room or home. Think of your floor as a canvas, with an area rug painting a beautiful, soft picture – that’s also easy to change down the road.

An investment in this staple of home décor will pay off in aesthetics, but will also give your room a cozy and comfortable feel. Layering an area rug over any type of flooring – including hardwood, tile, or even carpet – will make a statement that won’t soon be forgotten.

Experts recommend a rug that is 3 feet shorter and narrower than the size of your room for maximum impact and proper utilization of space.

Home Décor Must-Have #2: Throws

You might associate soft blankets and thick throws with fresh fall nights and cool winter evenings – but we’re here to say that these textiles have a place in your home year-round.

A throw folded across the end of the bed or draped across your favorite armchair adds color and style to a room. This home décor item comes in an almost endless array of textures, materials, colors, and patterns. It’s also easy to match the season or changes in your taste by simply swapping out one throw for another.

One of our fall and winter favorites is the Dublin Cable Knit Cotton Throw. This 100-percent cotton blanket is both lightweight and cozy and is available in a color to match any room’s palette. The cable knit detail and finished edges add style, but the throw offers easy care options and is machine-washable.

Home Décor Must-Have #3: Decorative Pillows

Pillows aren’t just a soft place to lay your head – they’re also a home décor statement piece. Decorative pillows added to a bed, sofa, or armchair are easy updates to make your room look pulled together.

Some of our favorite pillows have embellishments, two-tone color schemes, and fun motifs. The great thing about pillows is that they’re a simple way to experiment with new trends or colors, and they’re an easy update to your home décor.

A few well-placed pillows will really add a soft, inviting feel to your living room, bedroom, den, or outdoor living space.

Lumbar pillows, like the Celine Floral Embroidered Pillow, look best tucked neatly against a chair cushion. Square pillows, such as the Montauk Nautical Rope Embroidered Pillow, are the perfect home décor accent for your couch or bed. Be sure to note the proper care instructions for any pillow you purchase to enjoy seasons of use.

Home Décor Made Simple

Choosing the right home décor pieces is simple if you look to the right source. At VCNY, we combine quality textiles with interesting details, soft finishes, and eye-catching colors to give your home a distinctive look. Our home décor website has everything you’ll ever need.

Shop our home décor section to find the perfect accents for your living space. Whether it’s pillows, throws, or area rugs, you’ll find just the thing to bring your vision of luxury living to life at an affordable price. We promise you’ll never have more fun home décor online shopping than with VCNY!