How to Decorate Your Deck for the Ultimate Cookout

May 28, 2018

How to Decorate Your Deck for the Ultimate Cookout

It’s almost summer, and that means it’s time to get outside and start enjoying the beautiful weather with parties and cookouts. We only have a few months of bliss, so we need to do everything we can to take advantage of the sun and heat while we have it. 

But before you can plan the ultimate cookout for your friends and family, you have to make sure your deck is ready. After all, there’s no point in spending time outside if you can’t enjoy yourself. The key to success is the right outdoor décor.


The most important element of any outdoor living space is your seating arrangement. If you want a welcoming place to hang out, then you need enough seating for everyone to be comfortable.

Consider setting up multiple small seating areas. We love the idea of creating a small nook with a couch and a few chairs alongside an outdoor dining setup that can seat even more people. Just be sure that you choose weather-friendly finishes and materials that can handle rain, sun, wind, and more. Your outdoor décor should be able to last for years to come.


The ultimate cookout means lots of food, and that means you need lots of surfaces to hold drinks, plates, and other supplies. Beyond a large dining table where you can put the main cookout offerings, we recommend adding a couple of small tables in your seating area as well as around your BBQ. There’s really no such thing as too many surfaces to hold your beer.

Pillows and Cushions 

Just because you’re outside shouldn’t mean you’re uncomfortable. That’s why our favorite outdoor décor accessories are pillows. Not only do pillows add a decorative pop of color to your deck, but they add a homey feel.

For example, our Clairebella pillows not only brings the inside out, but they provide excellent back support and a soft place to sit. And because they’re made of durable microfiber, you can use them on the ground as another seat without worrying if they’ll be ruined. They’re machine washable and made to stand up to anything you throw at them.


We love bringing the garden onto our deck with great planters filled with flowers, bushes, and small trees. Plants are a great way to bring more life to your patio, and you can also use them to keep pests away.

A strategically placed pot of lavender near your seating area is not only a beautiful piece of outdoor décor, but its sweet fragrance repels moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitos. While a small pot filled with chrysanthemums can help you get rid of roaches, ants, beetles, ticks, lice, spider mites, and more. For more bug-fighting plants, visit Mother Nature Network


Never underestimate the power of a great rug to define your cookout area. A large area rug can delineate where your dining area is versus your seating area while also providing a non-slip surface underfoot. This can be especially important during rainy weather or when kids are running around after jumping in the pool. 


While we love the summer sun, we do know that it can heat things up a little too much. That’s why we believe that no outdoor décor plan is complete without some shade.

For a quick and easy fix, you can install a maneuverable umbrella that you can open, close, and tilt as needed to block the sun. Or, if you’re feeling a little craftier, you can build your own deck cover or pergola. A covering is not only a great way to block the sun, but it also affords your cookout a little more privacy from potentially nosey neighbors. Check out this simple DIY from Kenarry


Finally, no outdoor space is complete without artwork. Even though you have to contend with the weather, that’s no excuse for blank walls. You can create a focal point of your patio wall or fence with waterproof canvas that draws on the same designs as your decorative pillows. And don’t be afraid of color or patterns. Your deck is the perfect opportunity to go a little wild!


Now, go out and start shopping now so that you’re ready for cookouts that last all summer long!