Meet VCNY: The Perfect Décor for Your Bath

November 13, 2017

Meet VCNY: The Perfect Décor for Your Bath

When it comes to decorating your house, there’s one room that’s often forgotten. You’ll spend weeks perfecting your bedroom. You’ll dream of redoing your kitchen, and you’ll salivate over that perfect rug for your living room, but what about your bathroom?

Just because the bath is one of the smallest rooms in the house doesn’t mean it’s not important. In fact, it’s an essential place in your house, and it deserves the same time and attention when it comes to décor. Think about it.

Have you ever walked into a hotel room and found an exquisite bathroom? Do you remember how it made you feel?

You can bring that same relaxation and peace to your home with bath décor from VCNY.

Shower Curtains

When it comes to the bath, our first stop is the shower curtain.


It’s the largest decorative piece in the room. It sets the tone for the entire bathroom. With the right shower curtain, you can transform your bathroom into an oasis of serenity or a sumptuous spa. It all depends on what you want and what you envision.

One perfect example of how a shower curtain can transform your bath is our Plum Elanza Damask 72” x 72” Shower Curtain.

This beautiful plum curtain screams sophistication and class. It’s ideal for homes in the country and in the city with a detailed pattern that can be dressed up or down. We love pairing this curtain with simple white towels and clean lines for a real “pop!”


The next step to your bathroom décor is the bath mat.

This might be the most underestimated piece of your bathroom, particularly if you have beautiful tile or stone work that you’re hesitant to hide.

However, a gorgeous bath mat should not be overlooked. Not only does it provide a functional purpose, absorbing water and helping you avoid slipping after a shower, but it also adds a pop of color and style to your bathroom.

In particular, we love our Shroeder 2-Piece Memory Foam Bath Rug Set. This set comes in a variety of colors from beige to black, chocolate, green, gray, and taupe, which makes it perfect for any bath.

Then, there’s how it feels under your feet. Made of memory foam, these bath mats are plush and comfortable for every environment.


Now, let’s stop for a second and get real.

Not all of us can be Martha Stewart. Some of us just don’t have a discerning eye and know-how to put a dozen different elements together to make a cohesive whole. Plus, it’s a lot of work to decorate a bathroom with a curtain and mat.

That’s where our VCNY sets come in handy.

Our Solid Surf 14-Piece Bath Set is made for people who just want to buy some decorations and then forget about it.

This set, in gorgeous blue, comes with a shower curtain, 12 curtain hooks, and a matching bath rug. This means that when you open the package, you have everything you need all-in-one.

This is the ideal solution for those of us who are short on time, short on creativity, and short on money. 


What about accessories?

No bath is complete without a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, cup, and more. We have it all at VCNY.

Our accessories include everything you could need to transform your bath into a spa. There’s no reason to settle.

For example, our Damask Asher 16-Piece Bath Set includes not only a shower curtain and curtain hooks but also a soap dispenser, lotion dispenser, and toothbrush holder. The design is reminiscent of the Victorian era and is ideal for both a guest bath and a master bath.

It’s a classic look where you really can’t go wrong.


Now, we know that when it comes to your kids’ bathroom, there are countless more things to consider than how beautiful it looks.

Your kids need bathroom décor that is fun and functional. Plus, it needs to be sturdy enough to handle everyday life with young ones in the house. The good news is that our kids’ collection of bathroom décor was designed with the active family in mind.

Whether you have little boys or little girls, you really can’t go wrong with our simple Mystic Locale Cities 13-Piece Bath Set in either pink or teal. This simple curtain and curtain hook set features both quality and excellence perfect for your kids. 

Discover more incredible bath décor by shopping today!